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just draws a hundred pictures of ninja kids lovin on each other after the war’s over
ocfreedinosaur sent: I just found this blog and instantly liked it because it doesn't spamming hentai and is full of lovely love between girls and no artwork is stolen. ^^

Ohh, well thank you! We appreciate the love and hopefully we can continue to give you more sourced lady love in the future! (although we do post nsfw stuff too so be careful of browsing us if you’re in a public place!) You can rest assured that this is a dick free zone. We pride ourselves on that. All ladies, all the time :D

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hentaitacularr sent: Are you man or woman???

We are two lovely ladies that run this blog.

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yuzurity sent: I'm writing a yuri fanfiction and what do u think is better on the shower or in the bed??

Personally, I am a massive fan of shower stuff since, well, the bed seems rather vanilla and vanilla doesn’t do much for me. I like spice and stuff that’s a little more out of the ordinary! :D

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Kawaii Kink
source ♥ artist
source ♥ artist

girlfriends wearing tiny overall shorts with strawberries all over them and leggings as pants, because why not, they’re hot and can pull them off (later) hahahhaa